Cryptocurrency the future of trading in stocks

On Thursday it was announced that bitcoin will now be used to trade in the stock market, but many people think that trading in bitcoin will eventually result in loss of the investor as bitcoin prices drop and rise from time to time.

FTX is calling this as first of its kind as it has happened for the first time in history where you will be legally able to use bitcoin to trade, and also it can be used to buy stocks of Apple ( AAPL stock), Amazon (amazon stock price), Microsoft ( MSFT stock).

These products have a bright future where they can be used to buy almost anything, and it will be a replacement for the cash which almost everyone has to withdraw every time they go out to buy any grocery.

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To make it equal to cash and make it liquefy able the token will represent cash like one token of crypto will have different colour which will represent the different amount of money used in the same currency.

This offer is being made with the capital market’s solution digital asset AG and also Cm equity which will help everyone to make cryptocurrency legal so that it can be used in trading against real money.

the CEO of FTX company said that they are working with other large investors in the US to make all the restriction imposed on the cryptocurrency to make it legal and ensure the government that crypto is safe to use so it will be legalized.

On Thursday FTX company announced the release of the TixWixcompany which will help all the traders in the world to be able to use a cryptocurrency and it has also partnered with blockchain gaming company platform HXRO.

Crypto will increase its charge when Trump is not the President

Trump has made the price of a bitcoin constant that is around 0.36$ but it is said that when Trump will not be the President of US then Biden will try to increase the current price of bitcoin so that people refuse to buy it and think that it is very costly and would rather just invest using money.

When Trump was the President 1 bitcoin was equal to 0.56$ and Biden wants to reduce it to 0.36$. Trump also reduced the price of bitcoin under huge pressure from the Government and the price was dropped from 0.56$ to 0.52$ which was not that much of a price drop and would interest some investors. You can get more information from AMZN stock news.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.